What Is Cultural Movement Marketing?


Companies are not faceless corporations; instead, they are living, breathing entities started by humans- real people who meet every day to pursue a specific goal. However, this human element is usually left out in marketing. In most cases, brand content is dry and generic, lacks personality and a compelling story. As a result, people cannot connect to it, so it does not fulfill its purpose.

Fortunately, the availability of this unique type of content can help create a powerful connection with the consumers by demonstrating to your consumers what your brand is like behind the scenes. This is known as brand culture.


Definition of Culture Marketing

This is a type of content marketing that highlights your culture to help your consumers’ understand your brand. While general content marketing focuses more on your product, services, industry, or area of expertise, culture marketing focuses on what you care about, who you are, and how you interact with the world.


When you translate your company culture into captivating content, you show the individuals behind your brand and create a community of people who share your values. Before you adopt this marketing strategy, check out what leaders on the topic suggest and say about it. They also have some strategies that can help you with culture movement marketing.


The Rules

For cultural marketing to work, the following are the golden rules you need to follow.


Start From Within

The core of a cultural marketing movement should come from the brand itself. The Movement should be related to the brand’s essences and what it stands from and add tangible value. If this weren’t followed, every brand would basically jump on the train of the latest trend regardless of its relevance. This will make the consumer question the brand from the start, thus negatively affecting the trust and authenticity for consumers to believe in Movement.



After the idea of Movement has been identified, the brand has to live and breathe it. Every person, including the top management, needs to support it and spread the message.


No Hard-Sell

The role of the Cultural Movement is not about selling. This Movement talks about anything apart from the product itself. You need to engage people rather than sell to them. Customers will buy the product after they join a cultural movement and become loyal to it.


Keep It Moving

After rolling out the initial part of Cultural marketing, what do you do next? Well, cultural Movements are not static. It is essential to fuel them. Once it starts, it keeps growing. One great idea leads to the next, and the Movement grows.


Thrill People

Cultural Movement is all about two-way conversions. This means that your brand cannot edict the message. Instead, you need to engage and encompass people in it. Ensure that you create a compelling, exciting, and current message so that people will want to belong to it.


It is important to understand the cultural movement strategy if you want your brand to sell. Knowing the rules will help you create a cultural movement that will make people want to associate it.

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