What Is Schema Markup & Why It’s Important for SEO

Do you want to stand out from your SEO competitors?With schema markup, you can do precisely that. A Schema markup’s primary function is to help search engines better understand your content.

You have probably come across marked-up content on the results page of Google. They are the rich snippets that have a higher click-through rate than other results.

So, how does it all work?Well, here’s how the schema markup can help boost your SEO and why it’s crucial.


The schema markup is all about helping search engines return your content’s most valuable information for the user via a code you place on your website.

Schema markup is a form of microdata that you can find at schema.org.

Once you add the code to your website, the schema markup creates a more detailed version, also known as a ‘rich snippet.’ This then appears in the search result of search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing and Yandex.

Improving your search results means a better user experience, higher ranking and more traffic. Here’s are some benefits of implementing the schema markup. You can hire any local SEO agency to get the schema things worked for you.

It Was Created For Users

When you put a schema markup in place, it tells the user lots of relevant information. They will see what your website is all about, what you do, your prices, plus much more.

Think of it as your virtual business card if you like.

It Tells The Search Engine What Your Content Means

Google has always valued those with high-quality premium content.

That’s because it wants to give it’s users the best search experience possible. It always wants to show the user the most accurate result about their search query.

Usually, your content gets indexed then shows up on the results page. But, with schema markup, it’s a little different.


Because the markup tells the search engines exactly what that data means.

For instance, let’ say you typed in J.K Rowling. The search in the SERP will present the best results related to J.K Rowling.

If you were to put in place the schema markup for J.K Rowling, it would tell the search engines that J.K Rowling is the author of Harry Potter.

That way, the search engine will produce better results.


It works for any business. Bloggers, local businesses, restaurants, and so on can all benefit from the schema markup. Not only that, but you can markup any type of content you want.

Whether its books, movies, products etc., if you have upcoming events adding a markup will present the user with the exact dates in the search results.


SEO is continually evolving, and the schema markup is the newest evolution of SEO. It’s easy and effective, and yet not many businesses are taking advantage of it. The schema markup will probably be around for a long time when it comes to SEO.

And if you want to rank higher and improve your search results, then the schema markup will help you do exactly that.

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