What is the Best Software for Logo Design: 7 Great Options

If you want people to take your business seriously, you need a logo. What else are you going to put on your letterhead, marketing, and all-important invoices?

While major companies like Microsoft, Nike, and Coca Cola famously got their brand logos designed for next to nothing, most big corporations spend millions of dollars and minutes crafting and updating their iconic symbols. That’s how important logos are today.

Don’t stop reading, you don’t need big bucks to create great logos for your small business. You don’t even need an expert design team. You can do it yourself online. It’s much easier than you think.

Choosing the best software for logo design depends on your unique needs, but here are some ideas about how to find one that does the trick.

Choosing the Best Software for Logo Design

The first software packages that come to mind when you think of logo design are usually Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator. No wonder people get put off designing their own logos.

Photoshop and Illustrator are great if you’ve studied for months on how to use them. They’re also expensive. Only graphic designers have the necessary resources to make the most of this advanced logo design software. You can also click here to find the best software which suits the best to your needs.

By contrast, online logo makers are mostly free or almost free and anyone can use them.

A logo maker is a web-based or software application that uses stock imagery, templates and fonts to create unique logos in just minutes.  The main things to look for when you decide to use one of these are:

Final Designs

Before you start, look at some examples of the work created by this software or application. If you don’t like what you see, look for another application. You don’t want designs that look old-fashioned or cheap.

User-Friendliness and Flexibility

It’s important to pick software that you can work with. If you’re struggling to make sense of the instructions or find the process too complicated as you go along, move on.

The more options you have to customize your logo, the better.


Check how much the logo is going to cost you in the end. You don’t want to spend hours designing the perfect logo only to discover it’s way out of your budget.

Take a look at these top logo design choices.

Looka Logo Generator

This logo generator is one of the easiest to use while also offering great customization. These are the simple steps involved:

  • Enter your company name and industry
  • Choose a few existing designs that appeal to you
  • Select a range of colors that you like
  • Add a slogan if desired
  • Enter a few image ideas

At this point, Looka will present some ideas, but you’ll need to enter your email address and name before you can go beyond this stage. It’s totally free and easy to do this.

Once you’ve completed these few seconds of admin, you can proceed to ‘play’ with your logo. You can save different versions of it, and then download the final version.

It’s totally free to create as many logos as you need to and you only pay for downloading the ones you want. Prices vary from $20 and $80 dollars depending on the desired resolution.

You can save your logos and go back to them to edit as many times as you want. It’s easy to make changes to every aspect of the ideas that Looka generates.

Another bonus is the ability to see how your design translates when printed on t-shirts, business cards, and so on.

This online logo generator works out great if you need to get input from several people before deciding on a final design.


This well-known logo maker is a good choice if you’re after a quick and easy logo. Your design choices hinge on thousands of pre-designed icons and images created by professional designers.

It only takes a few minutes to copy and paste things together and you can change the font, text, and colors as you go along. Apart from these aspects, your customization options are a little limited.

When you’re done making adjustments, you pay around $40 to download the artwork. If you want something with the option to create more stylized and unique logos, Logomaker isn’t for you.


Do you prefer to do everything on your phone? Desygner is a handy iOS and Android app that literally puts logo design in your hands.

With this easy-to-use tool, you can throw a logo together in minutes using free stock designs and elements. You can flip, resize, and color correct to your heart’s content. You can also add artwork, color, textures, and backgrounds.

Desygner is best used for crafting social media graphics such as headers and banners on the go. It’s also good for making CD covers, posters, and flyers.

You can get access to all this for under $10.


Another smartphone compatible app, Hatchful is Shopify’s contribution to the world of online logo design. It uses machine learning to help you design logos in minutes based on your industry.

There are plenty of templates to choose from but the design customization options are a little limited. The premium templates cost about $8. Mobile may be a convenient way to design last-minute graphics for an event or social media, it’s not the best way to design a logo.

Many users find designing on mobile restrictive and its difficult to create a professional look using this tool. Again, it’s a toss-up between quick and easy versus professional looks.


Logaster works similarly to Looka, although the end result could be a little rougher around the edges. The emphasis is on convenience at the expense of customizability.

After entering your company name and industry type, Logaster presents you with a range of pre-designed logo ideas with different color templates.

You can edit the basic layout and color and then proceed to checkout to pay for your logo. The cost is between $10 and $25 depending on the size and quality desired.

While speed and ease-of-use are big benefits of using Logoster, the fonts and icons are a little generic. If you have the time, you’re better off with a logo creator that gives you more design options.


If you want a simple logo that looks good, although perhaps a little generic, Canva is the way to go. This graphic design-tool website is popular among social media enthusiasts and bloggers for creating modern, clean designs to go with their outputs.

It has easy to use drag-and-drop functionality and over 100 professional layouts to choose from. One of Canva’s best features is that you can upload your own graphics and images into Canva designs.

The entire process is free until you start to add premium elements at a cost of $1 each.


Squarespace is best known for its website building software, and that’s what it does best. The logo options on Squarespace are exceptionally simple to use, although a little minimal.

Here’s how it works:

  • Use the drag-and-drop editor to arrange your desired text and icons.
  • Next, you can customize these by adjusting their color, shape, and style.

That’s all there is to it. Squarespace offers no other design options.

You can download the low-res watermarked versions for free or pay $10 for a high-res version.


GraphicSprings gives you ease and convenience with a few advanced features too. You can use as little or as much refinement as you like, depending on the time you have available.

For starters, GraphicSprings automatically creates a logo according to the name of your business and your selected industry. After that, you can adjust elements like a shadow, glow, stroke, etc until you’re happy with the results.

When you’re finished adjusting your design, you can download it for $19.99.

Since there are no templates, the process can be a little challenging for people with limited design experience. The few advanced tools are a nice touch but you have limited options if you want to experiment with a variety of looks.

Tailor Brands

If you’re not too fussy about the nitty-gritty aspects of your design, Tailor Brands could work for you. This online software does most of the work for you.

The first step is choosing whether you prefer an image or text-based logo. After that, you need to answer a set of questions about your design preferences. Based on these inputs, you get a few options to choose from.

These templates are pretty professional using a variety of colors and unique fonts. You can only customize the logo once you’ve paid for it.

Tailor Brands’ monthly plans start from $2.99.

Discover More Tech Choices

There’s no limit to the things you can do online nowadays. For every modern-day quandary, there seems to be an app or an online tool that has the answer.

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