What is The Name of The Cloth Necklace For Keys

The key was first used to open the door, but later with the development of the trend, designers are increasingly using keys and locks as metaphors and symbolizing love, opening a custom heart necklace with a key, meaning to open their hearts, accept each other and achieve a relationship. After this meaning is getting popular, more and more products have added this design. Many brands have a range of classic key-shaped necklaces.

Among those who love to do handwork, the key necklace is also one of many people’s favorite styles. Today, I will introduce some styles of winding key necklaces to you, and you can make a couple’s jewelry yourself.
The first one to show you is the key to the tulip shape, with Welding techniques, and made with copper. Below, let’s take a look at some reference styles.

The simplest key-shaped pendant can be completed with just one mainline, which is entry-level. It is recommended to use six-section pliers for the shape of the three-ring or four-ring of a four-leaf clover, which is convenient and beautiful. The key completed winding with two main lines plus the thin wire, which difficulty coefficient is not large.

A key model can refer to the European antique keys, and the shape is very chic. The part of the key should pay attention to the length. The texture of the special silver is soft. It is not recommended to be too long.

Name of The Cloth Necklace For Keys

Similar to this shape can also be made into a heart-shaped key, the wiring can be referenced to below types.
Slim models, unless they are made very small, otherwise it is not recommended to make such a thin style, it is easy to deform. A small amount of welding on the tape is very common when used in silver or copper styles. The mainline is smashed flat and overlapped so that they won’t occur the problem of swinging back and forth.

The design of the butterfly shape is really classic. The shape looks very complicated. In fact, it is a style that is more entangled and time-consuming, but the difficulty factor is not high. You can try it yourself. This is the earliest simple version of the complicated version. There is also a type that is the combination of a cross and a key.

The same slim type recommends this one too, the pole part is relatively thick and not easily deformed. A combination of thick and thin lines, a style of winding and molding is a bit more difficult for novices. The slim model of the key necklace usually uses a thicker mainline.

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