What Should You Use an Online Video Editor For?

Whether you’re new to video editing or not, you might not be using the tools to their full potential. We all need some inspiration for new ways to leverage any tool such as an online video editor like Promo. In fact, you might even want to check out this new platform and see how it differs from what you’re currently using. You’re sure to enjoy its ease and flexibility. 

What to do with your Online Video Editor Outputs

Are you always focusing on one thing when you make a video? Alternatively, do you use your video clips in different ways and for various audiences? Either way, here are some alternatives  for your next video creation project that you might not have tried yet: 

  • Increase web traffic
  • Grow social media presence
  • Convert leads to sales
  • Update on new products and services 
  • Create different types of videos 
  • Direct messaging 
  • Connect with family and friends

Increase web traffic

Getting people to your website is the obvious way to use your online video editor. Then again, many people just focus on social media and forget to leverage their website. So, make sure your video clips are aligned with your brand as well as your website’s style. Clearly, you’ll want to make use of the templates from your video maker but you can still adjust the colors and music according to your brand. 

The big question now is how does an online video editor help increase traffic to your website? One way is to create memorable video clips with amazing content and a clear link to take your viewers to your website. Moreover, you’ll want to optimize any free video online that you have such that people can easily find it when they search through Google on their browser. 

Grow social media presence

Online marketing and social media are closely linked so videos posted on Facebook can generate followers, hype, and engagement. This is one of the most effective ways to use your online video editor because you’re leveraging organic growth and the power of communities. The best part is that it’s very cheap and sometimes even comes at no cost such that you can post videos for free. 

Convert leads to sales

Imagine that you have some potential customers who are curious about your product but need some convincing. This becomes the perfect opportunity to showcase what you offer through your video clips and how their lives could be improved by your product. That way they become energized and ready to buy. All this can be done with just some simple clicks and drag and drop motions to combine images and footage into the perfect video in your video editor. 

Different types of videos 

Not only can you, and should you, update any changes within your business offering but you can also create videos that cover different topics. For example, you can make a video tutorial about your product or a behind-the-scenes clip. Many viewers also enjoy watching customer testimonials and getting their reviews. Finally, it’s always worth trying to upload music and audio files from the library that video editors have on offer. You’ll appeal to people in a unique way.

Direct messaging

Naturally, social media and your website are key areas to focus on when you edit videos. But many people forget about email when working with a video editor. Whilst it might seem slightly outdated, people still respond positively to email. This is partly because it has a personal touch that social media has somehow lost. 

Moreover, you got your email list for a reason, either because someone signed up or because they bought something. They are therefore already halfway engaged and could be a faster lead conversion. So attaching clips in emails may also be a great way to appeal and connect with your customers. That’s worth bearing in mind for your next video marketing campaign. 

Connect with family and friends

Last but not least, let’s not forget that we also love communicating and sharing with those close to us. Yes, business and communities are important but what about your family? Sometimes we just need to have some fun with our video editor and focus on making video clips for holidays or special events. That’s when you can also go a little crazy with the features and effects if you want. After all, no one is here to judge so have fun with it. 

Parting thoughts on Maximizing your Online Video Editor 

Video creation is the way forward whether it’s for business or fun. Everyone loves watching moving images and connecting through emotions. Therefore, once you have your perfect video editor, keep being creative with the type of video clips you can post, whether on Facebook or YouTube. These are key channels to get your brand noticed, although don’t forget the other platforms depending on your audience’s preferences. Either way, stay consistent with your brand but keep exploring, creating, and evolving so that you stay fresh and appealing to potential customers, friends, and communities. 

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