What to Include in Your Thank You Notes?

Receiving a thank you note can definitely change your mood for the better in just a few seconds, because nothing beats feeling appreciated. However, writing one can be a source of undue stress, especially if you have never sent one before. You start second-guessing every word you write and even read the same line over and over to make sure it does not sound too pretentious or, even worse, awkward.

Conveying your gratitude in words is not easy, but by following the next few tips, you will master this form of writing in no time.

1.   Use an Effective Opener

In any form of writing, the first few lines can make or break the whole thing. You need to successfully grab the reader’s attention by adding a strong first line. Before you do that, address the reader using their title, such as “Mr.” or “Ms.” if it is a formal note. Based on the formality of the situation, this line can be adapted to your needs.

However, in case you are unsure about what to write, you can find great tips and guides online that are extremely. You can browse templates even, just to make sure you are not leaving anything out. In general, though, if you are planning to give the note to your friend, you can start by cracking a joke or citing a funny situation that happened to both of you. On the other hand, formal thank you notes are a bit different. You can start by explaining the purpose of the note, which is, of course, thanking the recipient, before delving into further details.

2.     Add Details

Your note must paint a colorful image of the situation that made you send it. Remind the recipient of the situation, be it a party, interview, or even a general decent gesture. In case your boss gave you an extra day off, state that it greatly helped you come back to work feeling more energetic and that you appreciate that considerate gesture.

If the note is intended for a friend for throwing you a party or offering you some invaluable advice, explain how that reduced your stress and helped you figure things out. More often than not, people forget these situations, especially if they seem like small gestures, so be sure to remind them and show gratitude by mentioning some details.

3.     Express How You Feel

You do not have to be a world-renowned writer to convey your feelings. Nevertheless, steer away from wordy, complicated sentences that belong to Shakespearean plays because they can seem insincere. Put your thoughts into simple words and sentences and be genuine. This way, the recipient will appreciate your honesty. Yet, this does not mean you shouldn’t forego all effort completely; balance is key here.

4.     Check for Any Mistakes

Mistakes, including typos, wrong punctuation, and grammatical mistakes, are definitely something you should avoid at all costs. Just put yourself in the recipient’s shoes for a minute; you would not want to get a thank you note full of mistakes. This also shows you are careless and might ruin all the effort you have put into writing a sincere, effective note.

To solve this problem, make sure to check your note multiple times. After you make sure that it is free of any mistakes, look for sentences that are redundant or can be worded better. Also, check if your tone is consistent throughout, taking extra care to show enthusiasm. Being meticulous will show the reader that you are attentive to every detail and actually care about writing the perfect thank you note.

5.     Close the Note

After you successfully formulate your note, it is time for the grand finale. The closing line is just as important as the opener because you want to leave a lasting impression on the reader. Close the letter by thanking the recipient again. You can also add a line where you specify some future plans to meet up or talk.

Keep in mind that people can easily spot mainstream sentences that are copied from the internet. So, you must personalize the note to make it resonate with the reader. Finally, sign your name after adding a nice word like “warmly.” You can also use a phrase that you and the reader commonly use in your conversation to sign off the note.

Thank you notes are a great way of showing people how you truly cherish them, and they do not have to take a ton of time to write. Just think about the person and the situation and focus on sincerely conveying your feelings. Also, be sure to use the above tips to get your desired result. This way, your note will surely hit home!

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