What You Can Watch on American Netflix

There is no denying that the last year have been spent mostly inside and on our computer. As if we did not watch enough movies and tv series before, has the pandemic made us set bingeing-records. This is totally fair and not the least expected when we are not allowed to meet other people in real life. However, it has led to a big problem; We have watched everything on Netflix!
Do not fear, there is a solution. There’s plenty of helpful software online, that will help you

and one of these is called a VPN. It stands for Virtual Private Network, and it will help you access Netflix in different countries. Here you will find much more content and maybe some movies you have not seen before or even heard of. It is one of the many alternative ways to stream movies.
This is how you can access this, and what you can watch on American Netflix.

Download and get ready
Downloading a VPN is simple and fast. Search for a VPN in your browser and choose the one you want to use. Find one that allows you to access many servers from different countries. This makes it possible to watch foreign Netflix. Choose one and download it to your computer. Start the program and open your browser, the VPN should connect instantly.
You can now see the VPN icon in the lower, right corner, click it and choose the server you want to use. This will depend on what country you want to access, so first let’s look at what content you can watch in the United States.

Netflix in the United States

Netflix in the United states is known for having a huge movie and tv series library and is the reason why it is the top streaming choice for Americans. You can for example watch the

classics. Many will argue that Friends is the greatest show to ever be made. American Netflix

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have all the ten seasons waiting for you to binge. Get lost in the funny and addicting sitcom and watch Rachel, Monica; Phoebe, Ross, Chandler and Joey overcome the challenges in everyday, while always being there for each other.
If you are more of a fantasy lover, this version of Netflix also has the Lord of the Rings movies. Other great movies are 20th Century Women set in the 1970, telling the story of the powerful women that changed director Mile Mills life. The Bling Ring is a true story movie showcasing a group of young people living in Los Angeles. They decide to start robbing celebrities for luxury clothes and fancy jewelry, living a life of privilege and desire.
A Clockwork Orange is a classic movie that portrays a violent and dystopian future. It is based on the Anthony Burgess novel with the same name and is just as good as when it came out in 1971. If you are looking for something spooky, The Conjuring is the right movie for you. This is perhaps the biggest horror movie form the 2010s and will make everyone watching shiver.

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