WhatsApp groups and their use in modern marketing

WhatsApp is the fastest-growing digital communication platform worldwide. Every day 1 million users register on WhatsApp which led the app to hold more than a lot of billion users. While we talk about how big this communication platform is you would be eager to know what are WhatsApp groups and their use in modern marketing? However, every WhatsApp user may already be familiar with the WhatsApp group. You might be having a few with your friends, family, colleagues or even with your business mates.

Besides having a general friend or family WhatsApp group a lot is happening over WhatsApp business and marketing groups. Although it is just the name, we differentiate them with but having your business marketing over the WhatsApp group links are quite easy and accessible.

Uses of WhatsApp in modern marketing

WhatsApp would be considered very useful in business and modern marketing. The basic use of WhatsApp groups in modern marketing is that you can have people chat over the same place (group) while still keeping it a little personal. While you are looking for input from people WhatsApp groups tend to become very useful and personalized. Alternatively, you would require your team to be in the same place to discuss different strategies and planning.

  • WhatsApp groups for marketing Champaign

WhatsApp promotions and marketing are key as it has a huge user base. The users or marketers can create a WhatsApp group and add around 250 people to whom they can message or connect at the same time. The marketer can engage people by sending business links, exciting offers or can explain their goods and services. This user engagement will create brand awareness and brand reputation amongst its target audience.

  • WhatsApp marketing for personal shopping

Well, WhatsApp marketing is not only limited to brand Champaign.  It can be used as a personal shopping platform too. A user can create WhatsApp groups and sell products to the added audience. People find it more convenient to get goods and product suggestions regulated in the groups than to find it somewhere else themselves. The owner (seller) can directly communicate to the buyers and can confirm their purchase directly through the group itself. After this, they can send notifications about product shipping as well. This tends to be a one-stop solution for both the seller and the buyer.

  • WhatsApp groups for promotional marketing

Many of the e-commerce websites ask their visitors and users to sign up for their mailing list. These websites send promotional marketing messages which not all of us open. But suggesting and encouraging users to sign up for WhatsApp group alerts is something e-commerce websites are doing these days. WhatsApp is something that every user tends to use frequently throughout the day. Therefore, by sending promotional marketing notification on WhatsApp you can connect to your target audience more effectively.

  • WhatsApp group for election campaigns

Elections have always demanded a lot in marketing and promotions. Leaders and parties need platforms to promote their propaganda and promises for their governing sessions. The national-level elections need bigger platforms like news media, TV media and similar mediums to show up their election schemes. However, in the smaller elections like state-level or block-level WhatsApp group campaigns are of great use.

The concept for this is quite simple to collect users’ phone numbers and add them to a group. By doing this the election party can easily broadcast their policies, promises and planning to attract the voters. In the recent election, parties choose potential volunteers who were assigned to add specified voters to a WhatsApp group and send party’s elections matters to these groups. Although this would require a lot of manpower which is not an issue for the political parties.

Overall WhatsApp groups are a very easy and effective medium for marketing and promotions. With just an internet connection you can connect over with many people over WhatsApp groups and perform several marketing ways. Although WhatsApp group modern marketing is more efficient and convenient for small or medium scale business as their audience is comparatively less. In Champaign like elections or any other marketing campaign, it will require a lot of manpower to use WhatsApp groups as a modern marketing platform.

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