Where Is Crypto Headed in 2022?


As we start the new year, it is a good time to review our finances and look towards new opportunities. For those who have been following cryptocurrency news, you know that a lot has happened in 2021. In order to make the best financial decisions in regards to Bitcoin and other cryptos, it is important to get an idea of where it might be headed.


Let’s look at some of the biggest crypto news stories over the last year and postulate on the future of blockchain technology.



These Public Companies All Invest in Cryptocurrencies

When big companies start to invest or accept crypto, it is a good sign for the technology. This is institutional support that is not so easy to take away once it is there. It can really create a snowball effect leading to more and more people buying in.


Plus, one way these companies are investing is by accepting payments in cryptocurrencies. This in turn encourages customers to invest in them as well. When big companies with high-spending customers like Tesla began accepting Bitcoin, it was big news for the coin and sent its value skyrocketing.


Beyond the hype of the big news items, it is good for the long-term health of Bitcoin. As customers and companies such as PayPal and Nvidia dig into Bitcoin, their investments will buoy Bitcoin value for a long time.


Especially companies like PayPal are important. Given the central role of this company in so many transactions, it serves as a big normalizing agent. Plus, it lowers the bar for anyone who wants to start to accept Bitcoin or other digital currencies.

More and More Places to Use Them

There are lots of economic sectors that are opening themselves up to using cryptocurrency. A lot of them are in the tech sector, as this makes sense given the digital nature of Bitcoins. Another area is online gaming.


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Part of what is growing their presence is the increase in identity protection. As this becomes more and more important on the internet, and as we make more and more of transactions online, this digital cash is likely to grow!

Governments Get on Board

You know it is a good sign for the legitimacy of a new technology when the government begins to regulate it. Many governments have come out with new norms on taxes from money you make in the crypto markets. This is a tacit approval of the new technology.


Others have appeared with regulations on what types of digital currencies that can be produced. You can tell that they are concerned about this new technology. Indeed, they are taking it seriously.


However, when governments state emulating you know it has made it big. Mexico recently announced that they would be launching their own digital currency out of their Central Bank. We expect Mexico’s Central Bank’s digital currency by 2024..


In fact, there are nine cryptocurrencies launched by central banks around the world. The largest one comes out of Nigeria. Another one comes out of the Bahamas. These digital currencies coming out of states are extremely new, but we expect more of them to be coming out over the next few years.

What Cryptocurrency Offers

It is not just a fad. Cryptocurrencies concretely offer new possibilities and advantages for businesses, customers, and other people. Businesses are constantly looking to businesses, and digital currencies are always evolving to faster and more efficient forms.


But this is not the only advantage that blockchain technology offers. Another exciting development is the smart contract. Smart contracts allow for the automatic enforcement and collection of interests and other acts. They are able to encode many things in the code, making contract viable without centralized institutions.


Many businesses and individuals are happy to be able to handle their finances outside of having to go a bank. It brings new autonomy to interactions that was not there previously.

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