Why are Hidden Rewards so Important for Games?

Hidden rewards have been a staple feature of gamesthroughout history. Developers love to put secrets within the code that only the most dedicated gamers can find. This concept is so prevalent in the industry that it has even inspired books like Ernest Cline’s 2011 adventure, Ready Player One. The whole premise of the science-fiction novel is that the protagonist has to find secrets within a virtual reality world to beat other players in a competition. There is no doubt that the promise of rewards, along with the chance to find hidden prizes, keeps players coming back for more.

A Lot of Rewards are Clearly Presented to Players

Nearly every game that has ever existed provides players with some obvious rewards for their efforts. Solid gameplay and storylines are enough to keep a lot of players coming back for more, but some people prefer to get something more tangible in return for their dedication. This can come in the form of a high score on a leader board, or an accumulation of in-game currency that can be used to purchase upgrades within the game.

Some rewards are given to players even before they have had to do anything. They can be used as a form of enticement to encourage people to play the games. This is seen in the mobile game industry, where there are a plethora of developers all vying for the attention of players. Many games will give away a few levels for free first so that players can get the hang of the game and see if they like it. If they do, they may want to pay to unlock more content. This model has been used for offerings like Cut the Rope, Plants vs Zombies, and Angry Birds.

Operators in the online casino industry also like to present some gifts up-front to allure players, this is because the sector is so competitive. Casino bonuses have become commonplace at online casinos, and players should lookout for the best ones before they sign up to a site. Some examples of these up-front offers include matches on initial deposits and free spins. Of course, there are other rewards to be found once players have joined an online casino. Some hidden rewards occur as well, especially on VIP ladders. It’s always worth reading the small print just to know how these bonuses work in practice, as there are usually limitations.

Secret Rewards Stem From Retro Games

Along with visible rewards, secret trophies and prizes are also important. This is because they help set the best gamers apart from the average ones. Searching for them gives players something else to do in the game, and can increase the chances that they will enjoy multiple playthroughs. This is an idea that began in the earliest arcade games and has continued to this day.

Starfox: Assault is a good example of developers paying homage to past games and fulfilling players’ desire to go on the hunt for secrets. The 2005 collaboration from Nintendo and Namco features three classic arcade games from the latter. These are released as rewards for strong performances in the game. Along with hidden trophies like these, a vast number of games in the past featured secret codes that could be used to unlock special aspects. Players had a lot of fun trying to work out the right combination of buttons required to unlock them.

Hidden Prizes in Fortnite

Perhaps one of the reasons why Fortnite has become one of the most popular games on the planet has been to do with the hidden rewards available within. More than 6 million people play the Epic Games title online, and the developer does everything it can to keep people engaged. This is done through regular updates that bring about new adventures for players to go on in the enormous battle royale sandpit. Now in its sixth season, there are plenty of hidden secrets for players to go after.

It has been confirmed that the long-awaited Plasma Carrot pickaxe will be available somewhere in the new chapter of the game. Players are also able to unlock a brand-new victory umbrella if they manage to achieve a #1 Victory Royale.

Hidden Packages in GTA V Online

Grand Theft Auto V is another game that has continued to attract millions of players for many years. Despite being released in 2013, it still boasts around 130,000 players online at any time. Just like with Fortnite, Rockstar Studios have kept the game fresh over the years and has regularly placed hidden gems in it for players to hunt for. There are also many secrets in the original single-player version. These aren’t always necessarily rewards, but players can feel a great sense of achievement if they discover them.

There are certain things that only true experts of the game have been able to find. For example, there are three UFOs that can only be found by people who have managed to achieve 100 percent completion. Other examples of cool things to find include Thelma and Louise, a giant snowman, and the classic James Bond car.

It seems that visible and hidden rewards will always be a staple inclusion in the gaming industry. The obvious rewards can be used to draw players in, while the hidden secrets are there to keep players exploring for hours on end. Being able to find all a game’s treasures can help gamers become elevated above their competition.

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