Why is remote patient monitoring important?

Before we study the importance of remote patient monitoring, we must know about remote patient monitoring.

Remote Patient Monitoring(RPM):

The technology used to monitor patients’ health outside sanitariums and hospitals is called remote patient monitoring (RPM).

The location outside the hospitals and clinics can be home or a remote-controlled area. It helps the patients access care and lessen health care delivery charges.

In chronic disease management, it assists patients to improve their quality of life. It makeseasier for the patients to independently maintain their health, remove complexities, and reduce their expenditures.

RPM helps the patients to achieve these goals with the help of telecommunication technology. This kind of monitoring of the patients is precious when patients face difficulties in their complicated health care process, such as home hemodialysis. 

Salient characteristics of RPM, such as remote monitoring, help to detect a disruption in health instantly. Subsequently, it reduces the necessity to visit the emergency departments, hospitals, and the period in-hospital stops.

With the emergence of the CORONA Virus pandemic, most healthcare departments of the world are achieving remote patient (RPM) technology. According to the experts, RPM’s scope will be increased up to 50% in the upcoming ten years.

What is telehealth?

Electronic information and telecommunications help facilitate and aid distance health care, patient, and public health care education. Contrary to telemedicine, it also embraces non-clinical circumstances administration meetings, continuing medical education, and physical education.

It is a compilation of all medically needed procedures to promote patient care and education.

Benefits of remote patient monitoring

RPM benefits both the patient and the doctor in various ways. These benefits are facilitated by sharing health care updates from remote-controlled patients to caregivers.

The benefits of RPM for the patient:

  • They do not need an appointment and travel long distances.
  • They get quick detection in health care.
  • They achieve an instant diagnosis of diseases.
  • They don’t need to afford expenditures for hospitalization.
  • They remain alert for upcoming scheduled check-ups.

Families become responsible to look after the patients

For the physician:

  • He can oversight the patients with the help of a continuous remote monitoring system.
  • He does not need to lift the burden to visit the patients in such circumstances.
  • He can use medical resources in a better way.

Applications of RPM Devices

RPM devices are used for detecting potential problems in health care and maintaining the health of the patients. Timely interactions between the patients and the caregivers guarantee positive results for the patients. It is possible due to RPM technology.

Diagnosis, educating patients, medication reminding, and communication between the patient and the physician are its latest applications.

Some of the applications of RPM are as follows:


Health management needs the supervision of blood pressure, body weight, and blood glucose. Quick checking the blood pressure and blood glucose enables e health care providers to act for treatment and health maintenance.

Diabetes administration including RPM is an alternative to visit the hospital after every three months

Congestive heart failure:

Monitoring the heart failure patients at home implies that RPM boosts the standard of life, patient-caregiver connections, reduces the need to stay in hospitals, decreases mortality rate, and lessens the expenditures to visit health care departments.

Transtek RPM System:

Transtek is a Chinese located company that manufactures medically authorized types of equipment using remote patient monitoring technology. They have a specialized team of professional and experienced engineers who work to manufacture various medical instruments that help the patientsand the caregivers improve the quality of life.

They export their RPM devices all over the world. They are helping many health care departments around the globe to set up RPM technology.

Transtek Health Care Devices:

The following RPM devices are manufactured byTranstek.

  • Arm blood pressure monitor.
  • Bodyweight scale.

Both blood pressure monitors are used to measure blood pressure, but the wrist blood pressure monitor is wrapped around the wrist, and the arm blood pressure monitor is covered around the arm.

Both body weight scale and body fat scale are used to measure body weight. The earlier is used to measure body weight only while the latter is used to measure many other parameters such as body fat, BMI, water and so on.

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