What Can Happen if Your Machine Doesn’t Have a Vibration Sensor?

The way a machine rotates or vibrates is an indication of its excellent condition or abnormalities. It is essential to install vibration sensors to monitor the machine’s functionality and prevent any future breakdowns.  Vibration sensors can help you avoid all sorts of catastrophes, and save you time and money.

With the right vibration sensors, you can avoid the following negative consequences:

1. Machine Fires

Devices rotate at a very high speed, leading to overheating. Dust or grease can fuel the overheated parts, leading to fires. Vibration sensors – specifically the temperature sensors – assist in monitoring overheating and sending warning signals in case of any hazards.

If you don’t have vibration sensors in your machine, fires are inevitable. Fires can cause massive damage to your property and injure personnel working with the machine or in the surrounding areas. Play it safe and install vibration sensors to protect your equipment and your team.

2. Machine Downtime

Time is crucial in the running of a device. If a machine will not be running for hours during the production hours, then you are bound to suffer losses. The best way to avoid machine downtime is installing vibration sensors that will alert you in case of any problems that may arise.

If anything in the pattern of Machine Vibration changes then the sensors will alert you to take appropriate action. If you want to be a capable producer, then vibration sensors are a must in all your machines.

3. Irreversible Damage on Your Device

In the past, machines were allowed to run until they broke down completely. However, today it is possible to prolong the functionality of any machine; you only need to install a vibration sensor. If you ignore the importance of the sensor on your machine, then you are at risk of letting your machine break down permanently. A run-to-failure approach is no longer cost-efficient, time-efficient, or beneficial in any way.

In addition, the repair costs of a machine are lower than buying a new device. Additionally, it will take days or weeks for you to acquire a new machine. During this time the production process is distracted, leading to losses.  Protect your machinery with vibration sensors instead.

4. Machine Inefficiency

For a machine to be productive, it needs to be efficient. If a device is unreliable, it will produce defective goods that cannot compete in the market. If you install a vibration sensor, you’ll be able to detect problems before they can cause damage to the machine’s output.

5. High Repair and Maintenance Costs

The faster a problem is diagnosed, the cheaper it will be to solve it. If you wait for machine problems to escalate unknowingly, then you will part with a tremendous amount of money while repairing the machine.

Vibration sensors are vital in predicting problems before their effect is massive on your machine. The investment on the sensors is extremely beneficial if you want to reduce maintenance and repair costs.

Bottom Line

The Machine Vibration sound and pattern will change in case of any defects in the machine. The problems can occur due to prolonged use leading to wear and tear, blockages, or any mechanical breakdown. A vibration sensor will quickly detect any changes in the vibration, and most cases identify the root of the problem and help you to fix it faster

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