Why Recruitment Agencies Are So Common In Tech

The recruitment industry is worth over $300 billion and is growing with little signs of slowing down in this decade. The economic landscape across the world is pretty much an employer-driven market, and recruitment agencies continue to benefit from this trend. The Tech industry, in particular, has continued with its unabated use of recruitment agencies for employment purposes. This has increased in recent years with the influx of new tech firms and startups.

The Tech landscape is highly competitive and finding the ideal candidate can be difficult. This is why most tech companies rarely recruit directly, with many preferring recruitment agencies to help them recruit the right candidates for job positions.

We would be looking at some of the reasons why recruitment agencies are common within the tech industry.

Recruitment agencies Save Time in the hiring process

One of the major reasons tech companies uses recruitment agencies is due to the time saved during the hiring process. The recruitment process can be time-consuming even for companies with dedicated in-house hiring staff.

Recruitment agencies save time and help employers access potential employees quickly from their pool of applicants.  A recruitment agency can post a job today and conduct an interview the next day. This is because it is a norm for recruitment agencies to have existing candidates for potential jobs which accelerates the entire hiring process.  Recruiters also deal with other hiring aspects such as effective communication with successful and unsuccessful applicants.

Recruitment agencies have a massive network of the best talents

Tech firms tend to look for the best talents in different fields, such as marketing, product development, and many more. Direct recruitment could be difficult as the firm would have to sort out different resumes and CVs from various applicants. Using a recruitment agency reduces this stress, as these agencies usually have access to the best talents available.  They typically have a database of active job seekers as well as those employed that fit into the position. Also, recruitment agencies have networks within different fields that help to identify the ideal candidate for jobs. So you don’t have to spend resources screening through the various candidates to find a few that fit.

Recruitment agencies have extensive knowledge of the job market

Recruitment agencies have extensive knowledge of the job market that tech firms do not have access to. Some specific positions require intensive qualifications that could be difficult to identify within the regular job market. For example, if a tech firm may need to employ a manager that has a piece of specific industry knowledge and expertise, then recruitment agencies, due to their market knowledge, would be able to determine the right field of candidates within their database. Recruitment agencies are also able to reach out to the best candidates within the employer’s salary rate and available skill sets.  If there are shortages of suitable candidates, expert recruiters can offer alternative solutions to employers within the field.

Recruitment agencies provide a professional outlook for firms

The tech industry has a large number of startups and small companies that may not be able to staff dedicated in house recruiters. This places them at a disadvantage when looking to hire the best candidates for jobs. Recruitment agencies enable these startups to  have the best chance of recruiting from a select talented pool of potential candidates.  The gurus at https://www.cbsbutler.com/ believe that the best recruitment agencies should be committed to delivering the best talent to their clients. Since recruiters incorporate novel and professional recruitment policies, the firms can also rest assured that candidates have undergone the right training and followed the proper interview process.

Recruitment agencies offer additional Administrative services

Most recruitment agencies offer additional services such as background checks on candidates which could involve following up on references. Also, recruiters ensure that the candidates are accountable to the promises in their CV by holding relevant interviews. Since tech firms employ on the go, recruitment agencies provide the assurance that any candidate employed has passed through provisional tests that makes them suitable for the job position. Recruitment agencies typically use popular benchmark sites like Glassdoor to peg candidate rates and salaries. Some added services provided by the best recruitment agencies include project support, contract, permanent searches and statement of work.

Recruitment agencies will continue to thrive in the tech industry due to the comparative advantage they possess. Their experience in the job market means that firms can access the very best talents quickly.  It has been noted that firms that use recruitment agencies have a faster turnaround in filling vacancies, which increases the efficiency of the organization.

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