Why Should a Gentleman Wear a Watch?

This article is not only meant for men, because if you are a lady, you can see the reasons why you must get your man a designer Panerai watch come his next birthday. We are all aware that any lady outside there would want her man to shine and stand out as an extra ordinary person. Well, it starts with helping him be accountable for all his time. A watch enables accountability, a greatest trait that no gentleman should afford missing.

So, what are some of the reasons why a gentleman should wear a designer watch every time? Well, they include but aren’t limited to the following:

  • Convenience

Most people of the millennial generation depend on their phones to keep up with time. Well, a watch and a phone will display the same time when set correctly but the former is obviously convenient compared to the former. For instance, when walking down a busy street, it is easier and safer to steal a glance on you wrist than digging deep into the pocket in search of your phone. The same applies to driving and wearing a watch can help you avoid unnecessary distractions that can cause accident.

  • Alpha Male Look

If you want to be treated as an alpha male then you must exactly look like one and behave the same way as one. As we said earlier, a watch enhances accountability. Accountability makes you live a planned and purposed life. For instance, having a wrist watch constantly reminds you that time isn’t on your side or time isn’t waiting for you. Alpha male looks entails accountability and seriousness and a designer wrist watch enhances that.

  • Simplicity

The best thing about watches is that they are simple and functional. As a gentleman, you don’t have the privilege of wearing bracelets and chains on a suit and that only leaves you with a wrist watch. Moreover, that simple look make a great whole difference on how you look.

  • Style and Confidence

Who doesn’t feel confident in a goodish designer watch? Or who doesn’t wish to look like a Saudi prince when walking into a boardroom? Well, of course confidence and style comes at a price that you pay when you buy yourself a good watch.

  • Can Match Any Wear

Lastly, the main reason why watches are a unique accessory is that unlike shoes they match almost any outfit, provided the strap is not made of neon colors. Moreover, men have a limited option of jewelry compared to women, and the only of getting gold on their bodies may be through a watch, especially if you are an office person. Today, you can wear the same watch with either a casual or official wear and no one will note the difference. Watches are not like hoodies such that you have to buy a couple to take you through the week.

The secret to maintain a classic watch collection is buying watches one by one. Take your time to study different prices and different styles. Please, don’t go for a spree shopping because you may end up buying something that you’ll get over easily. Remember, you need to get a watch that makes your boss confirm if his is still on the wrist when he sees yours!

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