Why Tech Startups Cannot Afford to Ignore Guest Posting in 2020

Guest posting as an SEO strategy has a shady past. Its early years were marred with the prevalence of companies that called themselves blog posting services but were in fact “content farms” that hired huge numbers of poorly trained and often barely literate writers to produce loads of low-quality content. Their sole purpose was to trick search engines into believing that numerous links leading to a website meant it was highly authoritative and deserved high ranking.

Since then Google cracked down hard on such methods, and these tactics no longer work. The guest posting of today presupposes well-written content and careful choice of websites to deal with. What is more important, it is one marketing and SEO technique that is almost custom made for startups. Want to know why? Read on.

It provides targeted brand exposure

A startup, especially a tech startup, can only hope to succeed if it constantly maintains explosive growth. As soon it starts to slow down and new customers cease to come, it often means that the end is near, and it may be extremely hard to get away from this downward spiral.

As a startup owner, you have to make every effort to become visible to as many people who are likely to be interested in your product or service as possible – and it is exactly where guest posting shines. Unlike most other promotional techniques, it is built around reaching out specifically to the audiences that have the likelihood of becoming your clients. If you use a professional blog posting service, you do not even have to worry about finding relevant blogs – these companies already have their own databases of suitable resources based on their niches.

It expands your network

Startups are all about networking and connecting to people who share your interests and aspirations. According to an excellent guide by guest posting service www.luckyposting.com, simply publishing a single guest post with a blog requires you to establish a connection with its owner or webmaster. Both of you give each other something valuable (you provide content that will be interesting to the blog’s audience, the blog provides a backlink and its authority to bring new targeted traffic to your website). This means that you have all the chances to turn it into a long-standing partnership that can come in handy both for your startup and for you if you ever engage in other endeavors.

It improves your SEO

No tech startup can exist without a strong online presence, and establishing it requires paying attention to your search engine optimization. With the number of businesses in the tech sphere constantly growing, you are bound to face some stiff competition for the attention of Internet surfers. Meanwhile, traditional SEO methods like Google Adwords require both constant attention and significant investments – something that most startups cannot afford. Guest posting (even if you hire a guest blogging agency to do most of your heavy lifting) is much more affordable and is built around creating links from high-authority resources back to your website – which, as we all know, is incredibly good for SEO.

It establishes you as a leader and an expert in your niche

When somebody goes looking for information related to your niche, you want him/her to find an article that would feature your name and the name of your company in the bio. The more such articles he/she will see around, the more certain it will become that you are an authority on the subject. If it is you who defines what is said on this topic, you can be trusted in everything that is related to it. What will a person who read a dozen of your articles about your niche think when he has to compare your product with that of somebody whose work he does not know? Which one will he/she choose?

Of course, guest posting never loses its attractiveness for small and dynamically developing companies. However, the year 2020 promises to become the year of rapid development in such SEO-related areas as voice-based search, and the use of AI and machine learning in defining the value of online content will become even more ubiquitous. Guest posting is an excellent way to ensure that both people and search engines know that you provide real value.

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