Why to order medicinal mushroom products in Australia?

In addition to the mushrooms we know, which we treat as a simple food, there are several types of fungus that have medicinal properties and are more valuable than gold. Most of these mushrooms grow in China, Tibet and Japan. The most famous of the medicinal mushroom extracts are cordyceps, chaga, shiitake, meitake and reishi. The common beneficial property of these mushrooms is the content of special polysaccharides, which can slow the development of tumors and treat many diseases, from infectious to bacterial and fungal. The Japanese have even created a term for this phenomenon – fungotherapy (mushroom treatment.

What is important to know about medicinal mushroom products?

There are several facts about mushrooms which you have to know:

  1. Medicinal mushrooms are rich in polysaccharides (beta glucans), triterpenes (reishi), adenosine and other nucleosides (cordyceps) that play an important role in maintaining immunity.
  2. Over the past 10 years, there have been accumulated more than 10 000 scientific publications about the use of fungi extract as an immunomodulator;
  3. Unlike echinacea, mushroom extracts can be used for a long time without harm, only periodic rotation is necessary;
  4. As a food component, mushrooms are rich in proteins, fats and minerals;

Why should you choose exactly medicinal mushroom products in Australia instead of drinking tea based on fungi or other supplements? The aqueous extract contains 25 – 80 times more polysaccharides than mycelium grown on rice, alcoholic extract or non-extracted mushrooms.

What is the effect of medicinal mushroom extracts on immunity?

The influence of medicinal mushroom products on your immune system can be described in 3 points:

  • Nonspecific defense – activates the first line of protection against infections.
  • Some mushrooms, such as reishi, may be useful in preventing autoimmune diseases and seasonal allergy.
  • Also, each type of these extracts has special curing properties.

Beta glucans are released from the fungu mass efficiently and in the desired concentration precisely during aqueous extraction. These glucans are a kind of irritating agent which “teaches” the body to better recognize “friend or foe”. And after the medicinal mushroom extracts “inoculation”, the foreign bacteria which enter your organism will find themselves in another, more protected and active field. Your immunity will “pump up muscles” and will be fully armed to resist the virus or infection.

Are medicinal mushroom products in Australia useful in oncology treatment?

According to numerous research, medicinal mushroom products are believed to be one of the ways of therapy that may significantly improve the state of the patient who suffers from oncological diseases. In fact, people have used medicinal mushrooms for medical purposes since almost 3000 B.C.

Due to the studies, these fungi are known to have various beneficial properties:

  • antimicrobial action;
  • antiphlogistic effect;
  • curing cardiovascular conditions;
  • antidiabetic effect;
  • hepatoprotective function;
  • and anti-onco properties.

What is more, medicinal mushroom products in Australia possess immunomodulation and affect hematopoietic stem cells, T-cells, macrophages, lymphocytes, dendritic cells (DC) and killer cells (NK). Due to the numerous studies that have been carried out over the past 40 years, medicinal fungi really have powerful anti-tumor properties that slow down the development of the tumor, regulate oncogenes, reduce tumor angiogenesis and enhance phagocytosis of malignant cells. In addition, these mushrooms can safely enhance chemotherapeutic efficacy while protecting against bone marrow damage.

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