Why You Must Choose Flutter for Mobile App

We at Bekey work with different programming languages and frameworks, but when it comes to the development of mobile apps, Flutter is our choice. Find out why you should opt for it too.

What Is Flutter?

It is a toolkit created by Google to make mobile app development a breeze. We use it for building stable, lightweight and beautiful native-looking apps for Android and iOS.

It was first introduced in 2015 as a beta version, and its official release took place in 2018. Today, it is the third most popular programming language. It has been used for the creation of plenty of mobile applications, including Alibaba’s Xianyu app.

If you need to hire a Flutter developer, you will find one in our company. Our team consists of experienced and smart specialists capable of creating stunning digital products. Below, you will find more detailed information on why we appreciate Flutter.

Why Give Preference to Flutter

Go through the advantages of Flutter convincing that this is an unbeatable choice.

Advantage #1 — The same code for iOS and Android

Having Flutter on board, we use the same codebase to create applications for Android and iOS. Imagine how much time it saves as we do not have to write codes for each OS separately.

Advantage #2 — Amazing themes for Android and iOS

The toolkit comes with various native themes and elements (styles, icons, etc.) suitable for both OSs. This allows to quickly decide on the user interface.

Advantage #3 —Dart for simplicity

Dart is a programming language created by Google, which means it works perfectly with Flutter. On top of that, it is great both for front-end and back-end.

Advantage #4 —Perfect designs

With Flutter, we can create beautiful and accurate designs easily. Considering the difficulties of creating identical UI in cross-platform apps, Flutter helps us a lot.

Advantage #5 — Changes in seconds

Thanks to the hot-reload function, our developers can make changes in an instant. It is like reloading a web page. Compared to other similar frameworks, Flutter saves up to 40% of your time.

Advantage #6 — Compatibility with various IDEs

Flutter perfectly works with a range of IDEs, including IntelliJ, Android Studio, and others. This allows our developers to make the best choice to ensure their comfort in use.


Flutter is one of the most powerful of Google’s products we appreciate very much. If you need to get your beautiful and convenient app quickly, as well as to ensure instant corrections and a high level of customer satisfaction, just contact us.

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