Why You Shouldn’t Use Untrusted Bots?

When there’s so much to do, and not enough time, Instagram bots are an obvious choice to opt for. Using Ig bots is a great way to automate your posting, but it also has some risks. For starters, your account could get shut down. However, did you ever ask yourself what are the risks associated with using an Ig bot? Especially when using one that has not been on the market for too long and that does not have a lot of good reviews left by satisfied users.


Instagram doesn’t like accounts that don’t interact with their audience as much as they should, so using automation services could endanger your account. Automated activities won’t get your account permanently deleted, but they can cause your account to be suspended for the day or even a week.

Here’s an overview of the not-so-nice consequences of using an unreliable Ig bot.

Risks of Using Unreliable Instagram Bots

There are many disadvantages to using untrusted and unverified Instagram bots. Instagram can easily detect their abnormal activity because they perform hundreds of activities on the platform every day. The company discourages the use of these programs, and this might put your account at risk of violating its terms of use.


Information Theft


The foundation of any successful brand is the trust its customers put in them. And if put in jeopardy, you risk losing all your loyal clients.

A significant disadvantage of using unreliable bot services is that they can steal sensitive data users provide in forms and emails. Since it’s a third-party service that you are using, you are basically agreeing that a third party will have access to all the information your Instagram account receives.

If an untrusted bot successfully extracts sensitive information such as your customer’s bank details and email addresses, they’re likely to be used for cybercrimes. In addition, data breaches of this kind lead to irreparable damage to your brand image and reputation.

Loss of Brand Reputation


You should be very careful when selecting a bot, make sure it allows you to set up the speed and activities according to Instagram’s preferences. If not set up accordingly, the Ig bot’s behaviour is unnatural because it doesn’t have a mind of its own, so it can comment in inappropriate ways and ruin interactions which might end up destroying the brand’s reputation. 


As a result of security breaches, it’s not just the sales you lose but also your brand’s reputation and the trust that took so long to build.


Slow Website Speed

If you happen to see a sudden spike in your traffic through your website analytics, a bad Ig bot is at play more often than not.

This sudden wave of traffic is highly likely due to bots requesting information which ultimately slows down the loading speed of your page. This lag can cause customers to bounce from your website to another, causing you to lose leads and potential customers.

Meaningless Engagement

Using untrusted bots instead of reliable Ig bot services can often result in a skewed feed that doesn’t reflect your target audience. They can create fake website pages that cause search engines to believe they are visits from real people. This results in a false high ranking with little value.

So, regardless of putting out quality content, the bot does the opposite of what it was supposed to. It prevents your website from being seen, and you lose out on leads.


Untrusted bots can unfortunately also infect computers with malware. These include different software variants such as ransomware, viruses, and bugs.

Once infected with malware, computers run more slowly than usual and become part of processing malicious tasks assigned by the creator.

Are There Reliable Bots Out There?

Don’t fret!

Fortunately, reliable Instagram bot service providers can help your business achieve your desired reach. Moreover, these bots can do this without risking the security of your account and your brand reputation.

They combine proxy management tools and their growth services to ensure maximum safety on both ends.

To Bot, or Not to Bot?

Starting a business from scratch and building it from the ground up isn’t easy. However, automated Instagram bots can help a great deal by setting targeted parameters and increasing engagement rates.

While searching for a good bot service, remember to read reviews and steer clear of unreliable Ig bots that do more harm than good.


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