3 Zapier Alternatives for Syncing and Workflow Automation

When it comes to automating your workflow and integrating apps, Zapier is usually one of the first names that come to mind. But, while it can be a great tool, it does have its limitations. Depending on your operation and what you are trying to do, Zapier might not be the best choice; this is why it’s always better to look at other options as well and see what they have to offer. In this article, we’re going to give you a few Zapier alternatives that you can consider, and some of their main features.


If your main goal is to integrate your apps and share customer contact information across all your platforms, try PieSync. This will give you a 360 vision of your client base and allow you to use insights to inform sales and marketing efforts, as well as customer care.

Some of its main features include its two-way sync function that will coordinate your cloud apps’ data in real-time. Another great thing about PieSync is the huge library of apps it supports. As a matter of fact, you can use PieSync to synchronize information across 140 different apps.

Another thing that sets PieSync apart is security. All information is solidly encrypted using their Oauth protocol, which ensures that all customer data remains secure at all times.

It is also a very affordable tool. And it’s scalable. The starter version starts at only $9 dollars per month, and the Enterprise version is $99 per month.


Integromat is a great tool to use if you have many time extensive manual processes that you need integrated. The tool is very user-friendly and comes with a large library of templates, which provides you with multiple ready-to-use scenarios. The live execution feature is another great feature that allows you to run scenarios and see how the data flows in real-time.

Another great thing about Integromat is how easily it can connect with web services. Its JSON and HTTP/SOAP modules allow you to connect to virtually any service without having to code. It also has a neat developer platform that allows you to build proprietary apps.


Apiant has been around for ten years now and is constantly trying to be the platform of choice for large enterprises. It allows you to integrate apps in seconds, track workflows and has tons of automation templates that can be easily installed with a few clicks.

Another great feature is the thousands of pre-built connectors it offers. Plus, they constantly add new ones on a weekly basis. It also has an advanced filtering logic that allows you to add multiple triggers for workflows. The triggers themselves can also have multiple filters and/or options. This can allow for more complex workflows to be deployed.


These are just some of the best Zapier alternatives you can find on the market. These all have different features that might be a better fit for your operation. So, make sure that you examine them all in detail and see which one would be the best choice for you.

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