Zosearch Whitepages Review 2020

Looking for an individual’s contact information has never been this easy. Most people avoid using paper phone books nowadays because they do not offer a convenient way of finding a person or their new contact information.

You will find a variety of whitepages online today. But which one should you choose? Of course, it depends on so many factors, which we will discuss in this article. Besides that, we are going to review the whitepages in Zosearch. They are incredible at their job. If you want to know more about the site, then read further.

Why white pages are vital

You will need to find a person’s contact information occasionally. If your intentions are right, then using a directory could help solve the problem in an instance.

Google also offers such information. Nevertheless, the problem with the search engine (and that includes all search engines) is that they do not have everybody’s details. Although some people publicize their contact information, some people are not comfortable with that, which is the same case with social media. Not everybody uses these platforms.

With that, you are left with the option of using white pages. Reputable ones include a database of people and all their contact information.

Difference between yellow and white pages

Many people confuse both. The yellow pages contain contact information on various businesses and enterprises. White pages, on the other hand, list people’s names and their phone numbers.

It is always good to differentiate between the two.

What you need to know about Zosearch

If you want to use a reputable whitepages service, click here to visit Zosearch for free. Zosearch receives recommendations from notable online brands such as Top 10 Reviews, CNET, Tom’s guide, and Forbes


Primarily, Zosearch is an online directory. It offers white pages services to people in the US. You can also use it to find relatives and friends living in the USA even if you do not live there. It is easy to access the website.

Other than the White Pages section, it is essential to also note that the platform also offers other services such as the yellow pages section, the reverse phone lookup page, and many other functions anybody would like to use.

What you need to join the site

If you are a frequent white pages user, you can create an account with Zosearch. All you have to do is enter your email and a valid password. The instructions are easy to follow; therefore, do not worry if you are not tech-savvy.

Once you register, you are free to use the site. And for those people that fear to give their information online, Zosearch does not offer any of your information to any third party websites. Your data stays with them confidentially.

Using the white pages section

You do not require a tutorial to understand how you can benefit from the Zosearch function. Everything is straightforward.

Log into the website, and go direct to the whitepages section. At the top, there is a form. Enter the name of that individual, the city you suspect they live in, and the state. Click on the search button and leave the rest of the work to the database.


After you hit the search button, the database does everything automatically. Within less than five minutes, you should have the report with you.

Some of the features that users like about the site

  • Users like the accuracy of data that Zosearch provides. The platform collects its information from public records. Hence, there is an unlikely hood that you will get inaccurate data
  • Zosearch has millions of users. You cannot go wrong with such a site.
  • It is free, and you get the report without spending any penny
  • No distractions from ads
  • The site has a responsive customer care team; they will respond to you within a day, which is unlike other online directories
  • Zosearch has an easy to use interface
  • You can delete your information from their database; in essence, if you want

Final thoughts

You cannot go wrong with Zosearch. Though it is a young site, it has a reputable whitepages section that will help you track your long lost friends, confirm a person’s number, and do a reverse lookup.

On the other hand, make sure that your reason for using the site is legit and does not put another person’s security at risk. All in all, have fun using the site.

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